Ovako is a supplier since long time for demanding transport solutions, primarily for trucks and other heavy vehicles. Also in other forms of transport, Ovako products are used for safety critical applications.

In Railway, Ovako's round special properties bar is used for railway clips. There are strict demands on steel properties to keep the rails in place and the tolerances from Ovako SP-Bar also enable a cost efficient processing.





In Aerospace, there are some niches where Ovako products can play an important role, such as in landing gears. With the new Hybrid Steel family, we are also able to address challenges in areas subjected to elevated temperatures and requiring ultra high strength steel.

In addition to the Ovako range of products, the Nippon Steel Corporation Group offers a wide range of additional opportunities with very strong global positions in Railway and Shipping.

Reducing global CO2 emissions demands smarter product solutions and requires rethinking on many levels: more performance benefits per kilogram of product, less raw materials, and substituting fossil fuel energy sources with primarily fossil-free electricity. Read more about Ovako’s path to carbon neutrality


We made it! But we are still not satisfied

What a journey! It took years of hard work to make our steelmaking operations more sustainable. In 2022, we went carbon neutral in all operations. But we´re still not satisfied - our journey continue for products with no CO2 emissions.

Read more about our path to carbon neutrality