Heavy impact. High frequency hammering. Extreme abrasion. Because we have owned and operated our own mines, we know why it is vital to have steel with the right properties to handle the extreme loads found in every part of the drill string. That’s why the starting point for every product we deliver is for our steel mills to build a direct understanding of your specific load case and applications. And the process finishes only when we are fully satisfied that you will receive the optimal material and format for the cost-effective manufacturing of every rock drilling component.

Rock Tools Drilling

We support all the three areas of rock drilling: top hammer, down-the-hole (DTH) and rotary drilling. In top hammer drilling, our steel is used for all the parts from shank adaptor to the drill bit. This also includes all parts of the drill rods and coupling. For DTH and reverse circulation drilling we also supply steel for all parts of the drill string, from tubes and end pieces down to the hammer and bit. For rotary drilling and diamond core drilling we supply material for the actual drilling tools as well as components such as raise bore cutters, tricone bits and legs, PDC bits, diamond core bits and core retrieval systems.


Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application

Steel Navigator contains a selection of useful tools such as Material Data Sheets, Machining Calculator, Heat Treatment Guide, Piston Rod Predictor and more.

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Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application