Wind power installations are subject to very harsh conditions due to changing weather and load conditions. This means that the reliability of the steel solutions is particularly critical and, for many of the components, fatigue life is a major consideration. The cleanness of Ovako's BQ-Steel and IQ-Steel meets the performance demands of items in the transmission of wind power turbines, either in bearings or other parts of the powertrain. Making the right steel selection will help to minimize levelized cost of energy from lower maintenance cost and maximise uptime.

Ovako has a wide range of high-performance steel products, which means that we can offer the right product for most power train applications and rotating elements. Our steel is used when extra performance is demanded, typically for parts in gearboxes and transmissions. We can offer our customers an edge when it comes to properties such as cleanness, formability, machinability, high fatigue strength or hardenability. Our production systems are designed to meet the customers’ requirements for product optimization. We also have the resources for manufacturing pre-components in various stages.


We made it! But we are still not satisfied

What a journey! It took years of hard work to make our steelmaking operations more sustainable. In 2022, we went carbon neutral in all operations. But we´re still not satisfied - our journey towards steel production without CO2 emissions continues.

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