Ovako has production facilities in nine locations. Operations are divided into three production flows - Hofors & Hällefors, Smedjebacken & Boxholm and Imatra. 

These production flows result in a broad customer offering, enabling Ovako to provide solutions to its customers from a broad range of industries, based on several different needs. In addition to these, Ovako manufactures hard chromed products under the Cromax and NiKrom brands.

Informative image: Ovako production site


Steel has been manufactured and machined since the mid-18th century at the beautiful location alongside the Svartån river where Ovako’s production facility is now located. Today’s modern operations are part of the SmeBox business unit, which includes the rolling mills and processing plant in Boxholm and Ovako’s steel mill in Smedjebacken. The steel mill provides the daily deliveries of steel to Boxholm.

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Cold-finishing of black bars in the Hallstahammar mill dates back to 1909. In present day, the Hallstahammar unit produces high quality peeled, ground and hard-chrome plated bars, with focus on high-end hydraulic piston rod applications.

Hallstahammar, with its central location 130km west of Stockholm, is closely linked to the early emerge of the Swedish industry and the municipality was named after the “Hallsta copper hammer” established in 1638.

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Ovako production site Hallstahammar
Informative image: Ovako production site


Ovako’s steel mill in Hofors has its roots in the mid-16th century and is today the company’s hub, with production in steel and billet rolling mills and in tube and ring mills.

As the demands on high-performance steel components have increased – they have to cope with higher loads for ever-increasing periods – Ovako’s clean steel has evolved to meet these tougher requirements. By preventing fatigue fractures and prolonging the life of components, Ovako’s steel helps customers in everything from the automotive and oil industries to the gas and wind power sectors to create lighter, stronger, more efficient and more compact components. 

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In Örebro County, in the historic Bergslagen district, lies Hällefors and one of Ovako’s production units for the manufacture and processing of steel products. The manufacturing includes billet processing and a medium rolling mill with a bar hall. The steel is then processed using heat treatment, turning, grinding, drawing and cutting.

The customers of Ovako Hällefors are found mainly in the automotive, mining and energy sectors and in other manufacturing industries. The company’s high-tech steel is used for input components in bearings, diesel engines and other specialty products.

Among the best known steel grades manufactured in Hällefors are IQ-Steel® and BQ- Steel®. Thanks to their excellent properties, these clean steel grades offer the opportunity to create smart new designs and reliable components that withstand high loads.

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Informative image: Ovako production site
Informative image: Ovako production site


Beside the beautiful Lake Saimaa and the Vuoksi river in south-east Finland lies the city of Imatra. Around 600 people work at Ovako’s facility, often together with our customers, to create innovative solutions that help to build a better future. Among other things, we develop and manufacture innovative high-tech steel for the demanding automotive and engineering industries. 

Our steel is used by world-leading customers in a number of areas, including power transmission and transformer equipment, axles, gears, crankshafts, springs, bearings, bolts and mining tools. Our steel makes the end products stronger, more responsive and durable. Imatra’s most famous product is M-Steel®, which is a steel developed for cost savings and improved productivity in the customer’s process.

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Smedjebacken has a long and proud tradition of ironworking. As early as 1631 a miners’ smithy was established at the location in Smedjebacken where Ovako today has a steel mill and a medium rolling mill. 

Together, the facilities in Smedjebacken and Boxholm form the SmeBox business unit, which is Ovako’s broadest unit. Its customers are found in about ten segments, from agriculture and rail to automotive. Much of the output consists of high wear resistance steel, spring steel and micro-alloyed steel. 

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Informative image: Ovako production site
Ovako production site Molinella


Ovako Molinella produces induction-hardened and hard chrome-plated bars for hydraulic cylinders. Molinella is located just outside of Bologna.

Ovako has operated out of its current location in Molinella for 11 years. It has a long history of offering quality, robust products whose technical attributes mean they are regarded as market leaders. The main products currently produced are induction-hardened and hard chrome-plated bars for hydraulic cylinders.

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Ovako Redon is a unit within the Cromax division. The division specializes in nickel-chrome plated bars and tubes for use in challenging hydraulics-applications in corrosive environments.

Ovako Redon’s specialty is nickel-chrome plated bars. These are sold under the Nikrom and Ni-Cromax brands in Europe and under the Socatri brand in North America.

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Ovako production site Redon


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