Beside the beautiful Lake Saimaa and the Vuoksi river in south-east Finland lies the city of Imatra. Around 600 people work at Ovako’s facility, often together with our customers, to create innovative solutions that help to build a better future. Among other things, we develop and manufacture innovative high-tech steel for the demanding automotive and engineering industries. 

Our steel is used by world-leading customers in a number of areas, including power transmission and transformer equipment, axles, gears, crankshafts, springs, bearings, bolts and mining tools. Our steel makes the end products stronger, more responsive and durable. Imatra’s most famous product is M-Steel®, which is a steel developed for cost savings and improved productivity in the customer’s process.

Being responsible means for us that our operations are safe for our skilled people and our steel is environmentally more sustainable. Like all Ovako steel, the steel from Ovako in Imatra is based entirely on recycled scrap, making the company one of the largest recyclers in the Nordic region. This together with the efficient use of raw materials and energy means we produce most sustainable steel in the world.

Imatra municipality


  • Machining
  • Forging
  • Transmission
  • Fasteners
  • Mining tools


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