Smedjebacken has a long and proud tradition of ironworking. As early as 1631 a miners’ smithy was established at the location in Smedjebacken where Ovako today has a steel mill and a medium rolling mill. Around half of the steel produced in the special steel mill is rolled on site, while the remainder is shipped each day for rolling at the Ovako facility in Boxholm.

Together, the facilities in Smedjebacken and Boxholm form the SmeBox business unit, which is Ovako’s broadest unit. Its customers are found in about ten segments, from agriculture and rail to automotive. Much of the output consists of high wear resistance steel, spring steel and micro-alloyed steel. SmeBox is also the only Ovako unit that manufactures flat steel, which accounts for about 50 percent of the company’s bar manufacturing.



  • Bearings
  • Powertrain
  • Diesel injection systems
  • Mining tools
  • Hydraulics

The production methods and energy from fossil-free sources make Ovako’s steel among the world's most climate-friendly. Ovako has received an award from the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) for its outstanding energy performance, and all Ovako business units continue to work systematically with their environmental efforts. One example is the new de-dusting filter at the Smedjebacken steel mill, which has an extraction capacity of 1,350,000 Nm3/h and is designed to meet tougher requirements for emission levels in the future.

Smedjebacken municipality


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