Ovako’s steel mill in Hofors has its roots in the mid-16th century and is today the company’s hub, with production in steel and billet rolling mills and in tube and ring mills.

As the demands on high-performance steel components have increased – they have to cope with higher loads for ever-increasing periods – Ovako’s clean steel has evolved to meet these tougher requirements. By preventing fatigue fractures and prolonging the life of components, Ovako’s steel helps customers in everything from the automotive and oil industries to the gas and wind power sectors to create lighter, stronger, more efficient and more compact components.

Ovako has made major investments in Hofors in order to provide the wind power industry with bearings up to four meters in diameter. These many investments include development and expansion of the casting system, extension of the forge with a new forging press, substantial improvement of the heating capacity, investment in a new manipulator dimensioned for future needs, and construction of a new ring rolling mill.

Hofors also houses Ovako’s research and development department that developed Ovako’s famous IQ-Steel. Thanks to constant improvements and more efficient production, Ovako is able to deliver competitive products to all its customers. With scrap as the raw material, Ovako also contributes to a more sustainable environment.

Hofors municipality


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