In Örebro County, in the historic Bergslagen district, lies Hällefors and one of Ovako’s production units for the manufacture and processing of steel products. The manufacturing includes billet processing and a medium rolling mill with a bar hall. The steel is then processed using heat treatment, turning, grinding, drawing and cutting.

The customers of Ovako Hällefors are found mainly in the automotive, mining and energy sectors and in other manufacturing industries. The company’s high-tech steel is used for input components in bearings, diesel engines and other specialty products.

Among the best known steel grades manufactured in Hällefors are IQ-Steel and BQ-Steel. Thanks to their excellent properties, these clean steel grades offer the opportunity to create smart new designs and reliable components that withstand high loads.

Ovako’s work is focused on safety and quality. A good and safe working environment combined with active Lean work has created an organization that operates smartly and flexibly. This provides the basis for delivering timely and accurate quality in all production flows – which in turn enables Ovako to deliver competitive products to all its customers.

Hällefors municipality


  • Bearings
  • Powertrain
  • Diesel injection systems
  • Mining tools
  • Hydraulics


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