Julia Hermansson has been a controller at Ovako Hällefors since 2017. Her role as a controller includes preparing and following up business plans, budgets and financial statements to analyze and evaluate operational performance. When the opportunity arose for a job that turned out to be a good fit with where she was in her life and education, she jumped at the chance to apply - a decision she has never regretted!

What attracted you to Ovako?

First of all, the career development opportunities. As I reached the end of my education, a chance to start working at Ovako arose and I submitted my application right away! The advertised role promised scope for personal development. Some five years later, I can truly say that it has – and is still. I really appreciate being constantly challenged and progressing in my career and at Ovako you have the opportunity for both.

What is a typical day like for you?

As a controller, we have a varied job, so one day is rarely like the next, but a few recurring aspects include the close of books and forecast and budget processes. In addition, we work a great deal with operations, where the needs of production determine what we focus on. In my opinion, being able to work so closely with operations is fun and inspiring!

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

As a controller, you gain insight into many different parts of the company, which is both a pleasure and interesting. I think understanding the whole of a process and having the opportunity to delve into the figures for a specific machine, product or section is probably the most fun. And being able to work with incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled colleagues I can learn a lot from makes every day even more enjoyable.

What do you do when you are not on the job at Ovako?

I get together with friends a lot and am a bit of a foodie. Otherwise, I like to be outdoors and doing some kind of physical activity.


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