Innovative steel
for a better engineered future

Studying to become an engineer within the Process Industry

Ovako’s student program are tailor-made for the best engineers in different fields, and offer excellent preparation for a future career with us. You can expect a rewarding experience, plus coaching and training from leading professionals in the steel industry.

We offer two different student programs, one for MSc students and one for BSc students. Whichever program you join, you will be placed at one of our Swedish production units in Hofors, Hällefors, Smedjebacken, Boxholm or Hallstahammar. Your will receive an induction, a summer internship, and will also conduct your thesis work on-site. You will be assisted and coached throughout your journey by one of our qualified supervisors. Of course, we also pay you a salary for your summer internship and remuneration for your thesis work.

As an MSc student you can apply during your fourth year, and as a BSc student you can apply during your second year.


The student program begins with a two-day induction at the start of the summer, when we meet at one of Ovako’s Swedish production sites. We conduct a study visit so you can familiarize yourself with Ovako, the local area, production and other students on the same program. You will also get to meet new employees at Ovako so you can ask questions and find out what it is like to work here.


There is a 6-8 week internship during the summer, during which time you will be provided with accommodation and salary. You will be assigned a supervisor and will get to work in production, but there may also be project work to prepare you for writing dissertations and to lay the groundwork for working at Ovako in the future, in a managerial or specialist position.

Thesis work, 15/30 credits

During your third/fifth year of study you can choose an appropriate subject for your thesis, in consultation with your supervisor. The choice of subject can build on the experience you acquired during your internship, or can be in another field that you and your supervisor feel is relevant. The aim is for you to be able to develop your knowledge of Ovako and the steel industry in general. Accommodation and remuneration are also provided while you work on your thesis.