A series of trade shows for the engineering contracting industry has prompted us at Ovako to reflect on the value of meeting face to face. We joined the Alihankinta Subcontractor, Tampere in September, MSV International Engineering Fair in Brno in October and Wire in Dusseldorf in June and are currently planning for the Elmia Subcontractor fair in Sweden on 15 – 17 November.

The trade shows have been a reminder of how the culture of meet and greet varies in different markets. In Germany, it’s typical to invite a customer for a coffee in the morning and a drink and finger food in the afternoon and to dress formally (with or without a tie). People in Finland might expect a coffee in the morning and something stronger in the afternoon and dress formally. In Sweden, coffee is the centerpiece and the dress code is more relaxed.

A common denominator at our trade shows is Ingo Deters, our barista, serves the best coffee to give our visitors a warm welcome and highlight the best steel. Ingo will be serving coffee as always in proper porcelain cups at this year´s Elmia Subcontractors fair

Ovako´s stand at Elmia subcontractor
Ovako exhibition stand at Elmia subcontractor

Anna Dansk, Head of Group Marketing Communications, says: “With the pandemic having pressed pause on live events over the past two years, it’s been refreshing to meet people in real life again. So far, this year’s trade shows have been a little quieter than before the pandemic but are a lot more active than last year. Digital meetings have been helpful and will continue to be important but there’s nothing quite like attending a trade show for making new connections, forming relationships and generating ideas. It´s always a pleasure having Ingo at the side, serving good coffee to our visitors.”

One of the themes at our Subcontractor shows is Carbon Neutral Now. At Ovako, we are at the forefront of the transition towards a sustainable society with no carbon emissions. Our low CO2 emissions give our customers the opportunity to reduce their own carbon footprint by two tonnes of CO2 per tonne of product.

At what time of the day do you prefer to have your coffee?