Cold-drawn bar from Ovako is produced using special steel from our own steelworks. We are able to tailor steel properties such as strength, machinability, formability and hardenability for the most common customer

The size of the drawn bar can also be tailored to specific needs. The result is that our customers receive a material that supports consistently high-quality production and contributes to cost-effective manufacturing.

Due to its availability and the possibility to tailor the bar to customer requirements, this product is well suited for a wide range of applications. Rolling bearings, transmission components, shafts in automotive water pumps, spindles for textile machines, round files, bolts, springs and drills are a few examples of products made out of from Ovako’s drawn bar.

Advantages of Drawn bar

  • Supports consistently high-quality production
  • Cost-effective manufacturing



Drawn bar product properties

Size range Drawn bar is produced in the 11 to 55 mm diameter size range.

Diameter tolerance

IT10 is the standard tolerance. IT9 can be supplied subject to separate agreement

Surface condition

Drawn bar is supplied oiled as standard for efficient rust protection


Normal straightness is max. 1 mm/m

Out of roundness

Max. 50 % of the diameter tolerance, measured as the difference in diameter.

Lengths and length tolerances

The supply lengths are normally within the 2.5–6 meter range. The length tolerance is 100 mm but 50 mm can be supplied subject to separate agreement.

Heat treatment

Drawn bar can be obtained in a soft annealed condition.

End condition

Normally, the drawn bar is supplied with cold-sheared ends. However, subject to separate agreement they can be supplied with one or both ends square-milled and chamfered.

Packing and marking

The bar is delivered bundled, with or without wrapping. We can also supply the bar packed in wooden cases. Max bundle weight is 2 tonnes or 1.2 tonnes for bar in wooden cases.

Product Catalog

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