We have developed Ovako 280 hollow bar as an off-the-shelf product that combines high mechanical and fatigue strength with good machinability, weldability and chromium plating properties. Its success is based on a high level of cleanness, because we use the same production processes for Ovako 280 as we use for our bearing steel.

Ovako 280 is a microalloyed steel based on the EN 10294 standard. Close control of chemical composition ensures consistent behavior from batch to batch. This reduces the need to adjust machine settings and helps manufacturers improve their productivity.


Ovako 280 performs well under a wide range of conditions. Typical applications include machine tools, hydraulic cylinders, injection molding machines, printing rollers, bushings, transmission elements, couplings, spindles in electric motors and shafts.

We can supply Ovako 280 hollow bar from stock in around 250 different sizes, produced to high tolerances with outside diameters from 30 to 242.7 mm. That saves time and money for manufacturers by reducing the need to machine away excess material.

Informative image: Hollow bar

Increased strength for lighter weight

Ovako 280 has a yield strength of 500 MPa, which is impressive for constructional steel. This provides extra security in critical applications, and it can also be utilized for weight and cost savings. Because Ovako 280 achieves its high strength in the hot rolled condition it can replace considerably more expensive quench and tempered steels. For applications that need even higher strength we can supply Ovako 280 in the cold drawn condition.

For applications where impact strength is needed, such as components subjected to high stresses at low temperatures, we recommend Ovako 280 in the normalized condition. 

Advantages of Ovako 280

  • Versatile properties that cover many applications
  • Availability – 250 sizes in stock
  • Good machinability
  • Good weldability
  • Suitability for chromium plating
  • Better production economy
Informative image: Hollow bar

Dimensional stability

For applications requiring extra high tensile strength and hardness, then Ovako 280 is suitable for quench and tempering or case hardening. Its closely controlled chemical composition and fine grain treatment guarantees extremely uniform hardening with small and predictable dimensional changes.


The low oxygen level results in no or few hard oxide inclusions. Inclusions that normally tear and wear on the cutting tools. This in combination with a controlled sulfur content of Ovako 280 ends up in a steel with good machining properties.


Accurate control of the carbon equivalent (average 0.51) and fine grain treatment means that Ovako 280 can normally be welded without preheating while minimizing the risk of brittle fracture in the welded area.

Hard chromium plating

Because Ovako 280 is very clean it is ideal for hard chromium plating.

Informative image: Hollow bar


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