Ovako Metals offers engineering steel, stainless steel, copper and brass for demanding applications in Finland and in the Baltics. We serve our customers directly with mill deliveries, and with stock deliveries from Ovako Metals modern Distribution Center in Tampere. Customers can rely on us to manage the entire sourcing process.

Engineering steels

We serve our customers with the market’s most complete range of engineering and hydraulic steels for demanding applications. We supply materials both in mill lengths and cut lengths. Ovako Metals acquires special steels from Ovako's own factories, bringing the entire value chain from manufacturing, storage, sales and distribution to our own hands. 


Stainless steels

We supply over 200 stainless sheet and plate articles from Ovako Metals logistic center in Tampere. We source stainless steel from the best suppliers in the market.

Copper and brass

We serve our copper and brass customers with delivery sale and customer storage.

At Ovako, we specialize in clean, high quality engineering steel tailored to the needs of customers in the bearing, transport, and manufacturing sectors. Our high-quality steel not only ensures lightweight and resilient products but also enables more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Committed to sustainability, we achieved carbon neutral operation in January 2022, with a production based on recycled steel and fossil-free electricity.


With 2900 dedicated employees and a global presence spanning over 30 countries, along with approximately EUR 1.1 billion in sales, Ovako, a subsidiary of Sanyo Special Steel and a proud member of Nippon Steel Corporation, stands at the forefront of the steel industry. Our purpose is clear: Together we create steel for a decarbonized society. Discover more about our innovative solutions at www.ovako.com, www.sanyo-steel.co.jp and www.nipponsteel.com


Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application

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Steel Navigator - Find the right steel for your application