Ovako Metals offers engineering steel, stainless steel, copper and brass for demanding applications in Finland and in the Baltics. We serve our customers directly with mill deliveries, and with stock deliveries from Ovako Metals modern Distribution Center in Tampere. Customers can rely on us to manage the entire sourcing process.

Engineering steels

We serve our customers with the market’s most complete range of engineering and hydraulic steels for demanding applications. We supply materials both in mill lengths and cut lengths. Ovako Metals acquires special steels from Ovako's own factories, bringing the entire value chain from manufacturing, storage, sales and distribution to our own hands. 


Stainless steels

We supply over 200 stainless sheet and plate articles from Ovako Metals logistic center in Tampere. We source stainless steel from the best suppliers in the market.

Copper and brass

We serve our copper and brass customers with delivery sale and customer storage.

Ovako develops high-tech steel solutions for, and in cooperation with, its customers in the bearing, transport and manufacturing industries. Our steel makes our customers’ end products more resilient and extends their useful life, ultimately resulting in smarter, more energy-efficient and more environmentally-friendly products.


Our production is based on recycled scrap and includes steel in the form of bar, tube, rings and pre-components. Ovako has around 2,700 employees in more than 30 countries and sales of approximately EUR 900 million. Ovako is a subsidiary of Sanyo Special Steel and a member of Nippon Steel Corporation group, the third-largest steel producer in the world with more than 100,000 employees globally and a revenue of approximately EUR 50 billion.

For more information, please visit us at www.ovako.com, www.sanyo-steel.co.jp and www.nipponsteel.com. Read more about our Collaboration.


We made it! But we are still not satisfied

What a journey! It took years of hard work to make our steelmaking operations more sustainable. In 2022, we went carbon neutral in all operations. But we´re still not satisfied - our journey towards steel production without CO2 emissions continues.

Read more about our path to carbon neutrality