To shorten the lead time for components and system development projects, Ovako has developed an approach to support with prototypes. Several types of industrial development projects can benefit from short lead times of tailored prototype deliveries. Forgings, bars and machined pre-components are our predominant prototype formats, but tube components such as precision blanks, as well as rolled rings, can also be delivered upon request. For some of our more common high performance steel grades, table is applicable. Through this service, customers can shorten their project lead times by several months or allow for more iterations in the system development process. For further information, please contact us on:

Prototype deliveries for high performance steel grades






2 weeks

4 weeks

8-10 weeks


Advance notice to forging shop to book capacity

Smaller quantity or limited number of set-ups

Bars in stock

Delivery direct to customer from forging shop

Advance notice to forging shop to book capacity

Bars in stock

Delivery to customer from Hällefors

Bars not in stock, rolling and finishing required


3-5 days

4-6 weeks

8-10 weeks


Bars in stock

Small quantity only

Cutting within 48-72 h

Billets / ingots available or bars from running production

Priority given to production order

New melt or billets / ingots available

No priority to production order