By using hot-rolled special profile bars tailored to customer needs, production costs are lowered as some manufacturing steps may be eliminated. Our capability to hot-roll special profiles as required for a specific application enables the customer to skip several steps in their production process. Ovako manufactures special profiles both in symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. Special profiles are rolled in widths ranging from 15 mm to 300 mm and thicknesses from 5 mm to 60 mm.

Being able to produce hot-rolled special profile bars tailored to suit customer needs, allows us to often find a solution that allows more efficient manufacturing and lower production costs. Even basic simple profiles, such as flat bars with welding chamfers and rounded corners, often deliver significant cost savings compared to machining or gas cutting.

Steel special profiles

Advantages of Ovako’s special profiles

  • Manufacturing steps may be eliminated, lowering costs
  • Tailored to customer needs
  • High productivity process steps such as machining can be eliminated
  • Lower costs for raw material due to lower weight
  • Ovako helps you design your unique profile
  • Special profile bars can be marked with a customer logo or other information
  • Profiles can be produced from the whole range of Ovako steel grades
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