Available in a wide range of shapes, our bright bar grades eliminate processing steps and unnecessary stock build-up. This creates additional floor space in operations and/or warehouse and reduces capital tied up in raw material.

Lower stock and fewer production steps rationalizes production and reduces manufacturing costs. Clean production lowers maintenance costs and the production is greener with a minimum of chips handling.

Bright bar, as it also is named, is a substantial part of our further processed bar offering. It contains peeled bar, drawn bar, ground bar and finally pre-components. With outer diameter tolerances of ground bar down to IT 6 or cut bar length tolerances of only +/- 0.05 mm we can help you to rationalize your production by eliminating some of your operations. That enables you to focus on the more critical value-added processes.

Reducing global CO2 emissions demands smarter product solutions and requires rethinking on many levels: more performance benefits per kilogram of product, less raw materials, and substituting fossil fuel energy sources with primarily fossil-free electricity. Read more about Ovako’s path to carbon neutrality

Advantages of further processed bars

  • Minimized risk of shocks and vibrations at high cutting speeds by using high and consistent quality bars from Ovako
  • Reduced need for further surface finishing
  • Just-in-time contract for deliveries according to specific needs
  • Lean production through a wide range of packaging solutions
  • Avoid spending CAPEX on non-core processes


Digital support tool - Steel Navigator

With Ovako’s Steel Navigator, finding the right clean steel has never been easier. Search by material properties, applications or end products. Compare with standard steels. And calculate machine settings to save time and increase tool life. Our digital Heat Treatment guide even helps you save time and money by predicting how a specific steel grade composition will perform after heat treatment. Whatever your application, our web-based steel selection tools let you explore hundreds of high quality steel products to find the right match for your specific needs.

Find out more at Steel Navigator