Safety as the Number One Priority

Employee safety is a top priority for Ovako, and an area in which the company is always investing. Safety measures are made systematically throughout the company. Our long-term target is to entirely eliminate workplace accidents. After many years of dedicated work, we have now reached the intermediate target of a Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) below three.

Since 2015, Ovako has run a group-wide Safety at Work program, aiming to further integrate safety practices into daily operations. In addition to group-wide safety efforts, the business units have customized plans that include more specific initiatives and activities. The key aspect is to create a culture in which safety is always given top priority.

Diversity and Gender Equality

The steel industry has traditionally been male-dominated. Ovako works continuously to increase its number of female employees. The goal is for at least 25 percent of managerial positions to be held by women, and for the entire organization to be at least 20 percent female. In addition to gender equality, Ovako is working actively to achieve greater diversity in relation to other factors. Everyone must have equal opportunities, and the company has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment.

Supporting Local Community

Ovako is often the largest employer in locations where the company operates and is thus an important player in the local community, which means it is important for the company to get involved in developing these communities. Ovako gets involved in several ways and works closely with various stakeholders where the company operates. The company cooperates with education institutions and buys a large portion of its required services, including maintenance and the like, from local suppliers and contractors. Ovako is also involved with local business networks, supports local sports clubs and similar organizations in various ways, and works closely with local municipalities in several areas.

Human Rights

Ovako is committed to respect human rights in all aspects, and the company imposes rigorous demands on collaborative partners to do the same. Ovako’s positions on human rights and the standards imposed on suppliers are set forth in the Code of Conduct for suppliers. These standards include equal treatment, prevention of discrimination and harassment, offering market-based salaries and good working conditions. Ovako condemns all forms of forced and child labor and requires its partners to ensure that it does not occur.